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E-mail: E-mail.
Identyfikator Yahoo: http://www.hzkkelec.com/plastic-injection-molding/
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Location: http://www.no2-machinery.com/electronical-parts/electric-communication-parts/
Bio: Our History
Built in 1998, Watch Co. Ltd develops and manufactures all kinds of watches.
Apart from enjoying large market share in mainland China, our products are also well received in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.
Our Factory
Having Strong R&D Team
With 15 designers on hand, we provide clients with over 30 new products to choose from every year,and can deliver orders in as fast as 15 days.
MOQ Starts at 300 Pieces
Our minimum order requirement is just 500 pieces for alloy and plastic watches, and 300 for metal watches.
Our Product
We hcan produce up to 300,000 alloy watches, 200,000 plastic watches and 30,000 metal watches per month. It’s one of the reasons why volume buyers rely on us.
Product Application
The top QC inspectors supervise the quality control directly. They take the responsibility for the QC.
The advanced equipment, the all-round management and the strict quality control ensure that our products meet quality standards.
Production Market
Major market: Western Europe,Australasia,Eastern Europe,North America,Mid East/Africa,Central/South Americ
Our service
100% tested | Factory direct prices | 1 year guaranteequartz rubber watch Made in China
Sex: Undisclosed