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kody błędów burn - sediv - 02-27-2017

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condition Description :

00=End of Program
01=Unknown Stop Condition
02=Invalid Stop Condition
11=Bias force too high error
12=Seek error
13=Head Unlatch error
14=Bias calibration error
15=Spindle speed error
16=Spin-up error
17=Track zero not found error
18=NP-offset test result error
19=AB-slope test result error
1A=Total gain calibration error
1B=Loop gain calibration error
21=Head skew calibration result error
22=VCM bias force check result error
23=Seek time error
24=1 track seek time too long
25=1/3 stroke seek time too long
26=Full stroke seek time too long
27=Head switching time too long
28=Spin up time error
29=Latch force too low
2A=Too many PES error
2B=STW fail
2C=Servo defect in maintenance cyl
2D=Excessive servo defect per zone
2E=Excessive servo defect per drive
2F=Too many gray error
31=Too many real servo defect per drive
32=Error logging over flow
33=Excessive defect per drive limit
34=Excessive defect per zone
35=Excessive defect per head
36=Excessive defect per track
37=No defect map exist
38=Defect free format error
39=Servo defects too close
3A=Too many scratch
3B=Too many dlist in buffer
3C=Too many ecc error
3D=Too many write fault
41=Error rate too high
42=Too many error during Gap Filling
43=Head compensation cal test is bad
44=Excessive soft error
45=Format error
46=Burn-In script error
47=RCO timeout error
48=Final test error
49=Continuous test
51=PCB not ready error
52=Load system table fail
53=Maintenance write error
55=Burn-In code version downlevel
57=Power-on initialization error
59=Bad killing head information
5A=IPC related error
5B=Maintenance read error
5C=Function test timeout error
61=CPU RAM error
62=Sequencer RAM error
63=Buffer RAM error
64=Flash ROM error
65=Burn-in script error
66=Head unique test error
67=Serial number checksum error
68=Excessive TA error
69=Excessive seek error
6A=Servo ram error
6B=? Wrong BurnIn Overlay
71=FSAM error
72=FGRAY error
73=PES error
74=Index error
75=Head Margin Test error
80=Burn-in Go
82=BLPL Test Fail
83=Head unique test error
85=Excessive TA error
86=Excessive write fault error
87=Calibration error
88=Latch force too hign
89=Latch force too hign
91=Rco criteria system write error
92=Rco criteria system read error
93=Rco criteria not found
94=Rco header system write error
95=Rco result system write error
96=TF_Rco result system write error
97=Write boost optimize fail
98=Weak head test fail
99=Find test track fail

;LATCH or Ramp Errors

1102=All Head Fail
1107=Latch force too low
1108=Latch force too high

;SPSTW (offline) Errors

1314=Difference of bias calibration value is big; HSA bearing Fail
1510=Bias Seek Fail (only Head 0)

;Servo_Calibration Errors

1601=Bias calibration error
1602=Track zero not found error / Kt Fail (only Head 0 or 1)
1603=NP - offset test result was bad
1604=AB - slope test result was bad
1606=Loop calibration was bad
1607=Head skew calbration result was bad
1608=Head gap calibration is failed
1610=RRO 1x calib result was bad
1615=Difference of bias calibration value is big
1617=OD to ID Misalignment
1702=Seek error
1703=Spin up error
1704=Too many parking during process
1705=Spin Up too long
1722=Head GAP calibration error
172A=Too many virtual servo defect
172C=Too many real servo defect
172D=Excessive track defect per drive
172E=Excessive track defect per zone
172F=Track defect in maintenance cyl
1731=Too many servo defect
1743=Total gain verify bad

;Servo Defect Errors

1901=Drive per servo vitual defect over
1902=Drive per servo defect over
1903=Drive per servo real defect over
1904=Drive per track defect over
1905=Zone per track defect over

;MC Access Errors

1A03=MC write error
1A04=MC read error

;H/M Screen

1B01=Error rate too high
1C01=TPI test fail
1C02=MR tune to different from skew
1C03=Zonemap verification error (for downsize)
1C04=Force downsizing
1C05=Force downsizing
1C06=Only for inline downsizing
1F01=Head/Media interference fail
1F02=Interfere test fail
1F03=Failed Amplitude Spike Test
1F04=WII Test Fail
1F05=Thermal Decay
1F06=Head Degradation screen
1F07=BIG diff AGC between tracks
1F08=HDI problem
1F09=Bad CSM defects OD
1F0A=Bad CSM

;FOD Errors

2101=Write Error when HSC test
2102=Read Error when HSC test
2103=FOD resistance test before FOD touch down test
2104=FOD TD fail: channel table verify failure
2105=HSC FH Error when screen
2106=HSC TCC Error when screen
2107=WPTP Error
2108=FOD TD fail: too high fluxion
2109=Out of TD test range
210A=FOD Resistance Bad
210B=MC read error during FOD test
210C=MC write error during FOD test
210D=FH one step difference is too big
210E=No good zone
210F=FOD TCC make fail

;Timeout Errors

2201=SLOW Run Error
2202=Cont Test
2203=Timeout Error
2204=Too many retry errors
2205=IPC related error
2206=Function test timeout error

[Obrazek: titter.gif] Process Misc Errors

2301=Channel calibration fail
2303=O Pattern write fail after RCO
2304=Read Screen Error
2305=Failed compiling
2306=Unrecognized Opcode (opcode cmd function not available)
2307=Script Error
2308=Firmware Assert
2309=2nd Downsize Error
230A=5400 rpm DownSpeed Criteria: Zone Cutting Bug
2353=5400 rpm DownSpeed Criteria: Zone Cutting Bug

;Version Mismatch

2501=Overlay version incorrect
2502=Wrong code download
2503=Serial Number checksum error
2504=Overlay Error
2505=New ID
2506=Overlay Checksum Error
2507=Can't find MRR look up table

;Defect Overflow

2801=Error log in full
2807=Linear scratch
2809=Too many DLIST in buf
2810=Too many write errors
2811=Too many sequential track errors
2812=Too many bad tracks
2813=Defect in cylinder zero
2814=Capacity check error
2815=VLIST SF overflow
2816=TNU per head overflow
2818=Login full MC
2819=Too many SLIST

;IC(preamp, channel, engine, FFS)

2A01=Preamp is out of order
2A02=Preamp voltage regulator err
2A03=Chip rev error
2A04=NLS Register error
2A05=Linked List Register error
2A06=Free Fall Sensor is out of order


2B01=CPU RAM error
2B02=SEQ RAM error
2B03=BUF RAM error
2B04=Flash error
2B06=Servo SPIRAM/YRAM/XRAM error
2B08=Hybrid ONENAND flash error
2B09=BufferAlloc reuturned NULL

;OEM screen

2C04=Drive per track defect over
2C05=Too many parking during process
2C07=TPI test fail
2C0C=Screen most OD